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Does Infrastructure as Code (IaC) seem beyond your reach?

Imagine having a best in class IaC solution that your engineers actually understand.

Which of the thousands of new improvements that came out at Amazon re:Invent this year affect your business?

We bring solutions that have historically been the purview of larger enterprises to your startup.

Let us bring you modern, stable, secure, and de-risked solutions to automate the painful part of your engineers lives so they can spend more time bringing business value to your clients.

How different is your staging environment from your production environment?

With reproducible environments you can be sure that they are as close to each other as possible

Ever worked with versioned environments?

Test out environment changes in a lower environment and then promote your changes just like you do with your product code!

”The long-term value of an enterprise is not captured by the value of its products and intellectual property but rather by its ability to continuously increase the value it provides to customers — and to create new customers — through innovation.“

— Jez Humble


Taylor Johndrew


“Phil was essential for our migration to Kubernetes on AWS. He built a high quality and very robust system, and we haven't had any issues running or maintaining it. He is a great teacher, and made sure we had all the knowledge we needed to be successful.”

Taylor Johndrew Developer

Matt Ferguson


“GalleySolutions was blessed to find not only a great engineer in Phil Borlin to support the standing up of our Kubernetes infrastructure but also one willing to mentor our existing team and leave them with the tools to succeed on their own. By far one of the best consulting engagements I have experienced”

Matt Ferguson CTO

What We Do

Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Including auto-scaling, Ingress, and security .

Code Build/Code Pipeline CI/CD

Gives you a build pipeline that allows auto deploy into as many environments as you need and one button promotions into advanced environments (like production).


Including subnets in multiple zones, a VPN, security, and peering connections.

Account Per Environment

Get an admin account for shared resources (like Users) and a separate AWS account for each environment. Just like the best practices say you should.

Route 53 DNS

Hook your Ingress ALB up to DNS.

Instruction and Documentation

When we hand you the keys to your new devops system we teach your engineers how to run it and maintain it.

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